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Enjoy a delicious meal of your choice in the comfort of your home.

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Chicken & Turkey

Explore our range of Chicken & Turkey ready meals delivered to your door. A tempting selection of classic meals including roasts, comforting casseroles and much more.

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View our range of Beef ready meals and choose a tasty, satisfying dish. From tender roasts to delicious casseroles, beef is always a favourite as it is full of flavour. All the meals in this section, except for corned beef, are made with British and Irish beef from our trusted and respected suppliers.

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View our range of Pork ready meals and choose a tasty, satisfying dish. Pork is always a great choice - it's tender and full of flavour, whether it’s Cumberland sausages, gammon or a roast.

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View our range of succulent Lamb ready meals, full of taste and flavour. From Lancashire Hotpot to Honey & Apricot Lamb, you’re spoilt for choice. The lamb in our ready meals comes from producers in the British Isles and New Zealand.

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View our range of vegetarian ready meals delivered to your door for free. See our wide range of vegetarian microwave meals. From macaroni cheese to vegetarian cottage pie a selection of great tasting vegetarian meals that everyone can enjoy.

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Explore our range of Fish ready meals for a taste of the sea. Whether it’s a warming fishermans pie or a classic fish & chips, all our delicious fish dishes are made with 100% sustainably sourced fish and seafood.

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Why not take a look at our delicious range of desserts. They are the perfect way to finish a meal whether you prefer them hot or cold we have you covered. So why not treat yourself?

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Level 4 Purée Meals

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Level 5 Minced Meals

Browse our tasty selection of minced Level 5 meals that are tender and full of flavour. Minced ready meals that are suitable for anyone who eats a Level 5 diet.

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Level 6 Soft & Bite-Sized

Take a look at our tasty selection of Level 6 meals that are tender and packed with flavour. Soft ready meals that are suitable for anyone who eats a Level 6 diet.

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